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Get Radiant Skin with a Healthy Diet

Acne Diet

Many people resort to using skin care products to make their skin healthier, moreradiant and clearer. Skin care products come in several forms which include lotions, creams, and sol which are almost always expensive. But do you know that you can also achieve healthier, more radiant and clearer skin through the choice of foods that you eat?

Yes, your goal of a healthier skin comes in a cheap way—through proper diet. Certain foods can give you the properly nourished skin that you desire. Here are a few of them:

Foods with Antioxidants are the best food for your skin. Studies have shown that eating antioxidant rich foods promote a healthy heart and can lengthen your life. Antioxidants were proven to slow down the aging process. Antioxidants are present in leafy vegetables and fruits. They are also good for your health in general, not to mention, fruits taste good and are better than pills. Fruits and vegetables are nutritious and healthy not only for your skin but also for your health in general.

Drinking 10-12 glasses of water proves to be a proper skin health practice. Studies have shown that drinking enough water a day gives you a clearer and healthier skin. Water, too, is important to the cellular metabolism because it avoids dehydration.

Protein is a nutrient which is healthy for your skin. Protein is found in poultry products, e.g. chicken, present also in fish, and sea foods. Eating protein rich food is healthy for your skin. Do you know that your skin is made up of protein? Yes, the building block of the skin is amino acid which is the basic unit or the simple form of protein.

These are the kinds of food that will give you a healthy skin. Below are the foods you should avoid to achieve a healthy, radiant, and clear skin.

Carbohydrates, although healthy for the body and the primary source of energy, can be dangerous if taken in excess. Too much carbohydrate can cause damaged cells and premature aging.

Sugar rich foods, too, are not healthy for the skin. They may cause age spots and skin discoloration.


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