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Natural Acne Treatments - What Are Natural Remedies For Acne?

Natural acne treatment

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from acne, probably already noticed, that at the end of the summer your skin looks like you are again in puberty. Learn what to do to prevent the proliferation of pimples and imperfections typical of this season.

Acne is basically a hormonal disease, inherent, therefore, to the stage of life where we have a high rate of hormones. That is why it comes with a higher incidence in adolescence, a period of increased hormonal changes.

However, it not only young people who have problems with pimples. During adulthood the hormones may also preach in a match, causing the so-called adult acne. People with a skin type prone to acne, should therefore have a rigorous skin care regimen, even in the absence of pimples and imperfections, because the breakouts can come back at any time. Just simple factors like a peak stress, a food deficiency or prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to acne breakouts.

Many people still think that the sun it’s beneficial to the pimples, but in contrary, the sun is not beneficial to the pimples. This false belief stems from the fact that sun dehydrates the sebaceous glands of the skin which, in principle, dry pimples and imperfections. In fact, the solar radiation damages your skin pores, which prevent the sweat glands located there to push the oil to the surface of the skin. In turn, the bacteria multiply in these clogged pores, causing irritation. This effect is visible three to four weeks after a period of prolonged sun exposure, usually at the end of summer.

So, what to do?

After the summer, it is essential you prevent the obstruction of your pores, since this is the source of most of the acne problems, and use regularly exfoliating products, based on AHA, alpha-hydroxy acids. Another very important part is hydration - the lack of hydration can renew the outbreaks of acne. So, keep in mind, you should drink at least 8 glasses of water each and every day.

Always have a natural product at hand that helps address the flaws that appear quickly. The most effective natural acne treatment, are those that contain Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. However, in some severe cases, it is necessary to combine the topical treatment with a prescription for oral antibiotics or other medicines based on isotretinoin.

Natural Acne Treatments that You Can Use

The Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System is a safe acne fighting system that offers one of the most useful solutions for both men and women searching for a quick way to get rid of acne.

What is ClearPores?

The ClearPores Skin Cleansing System is a doctor-endorsed acne treatment, with ClearPoresa combination of three different products especially formulated to rid the skin of all spots caused by acne bacteria.

The first part of this natural treatment is a deep wash with Salicylic Acid which efficiently unclogs the pores and removes dirt, grime and bacteria from your skin.

The second part is a 100% herbal pill that ensures that no matter how deep in the pore your acne forms; your body will quickly rid itself of the irritant before it turns into a pimple.

The third part is the protection cream that keeps skin free of pimples yet to come acting like a protection on your skin.

Finally, the complete system includes both, the facial and the body system, for those who have acne on various parts of the body.

Visit the ClearPores WebSite


ZENMED Derma Cleanse system


The ZENMED Derma Cleanse system is a doctor formulated, three step program, to take care of your acne from the inside, where acne begins, to the outside where your symptoms end.

What is ZENMED?

ZENMED is composed of one Acne Gel, a Gentle Cleanser, 90 Derma Cleanse Capsules and a Sebum Regulating Moisturizer. In three simple steps, this exclusive delivery system will clean, detoxify, and tone your skin.

Visit the ZENMED WebSite


Finally, bear in mind, if you use a product with Salicylic Acid, you can get an initial breakout. This is perfectly normal, but it also depends on the product and how the individual reacts to certain products. In fact, the first breakthroughs are very often when changing products - well, give this a week or two, depending on the seriousness and watch the results, if it still breaks you out after that try another acne product.