What Makeup Products People with Acne should Use?

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Long time have to deal daily with the ill-fated acne, but I started using a product against acne that has the basic function it is great the name is the anti-acne lotion SPF 15 of Avon Clearskin line it is for oily skin and for acne. But to make sure before you apply makeup, wash your face passes this basis and preferably not use powder or blush. And take the time to wash and then use a lotion as milk or milk colony roses.

But it is always important to remember that caring for acne goes far beyond than using a single product for acne. No use products to drying pimple for example when have that “monster face”, and sporadically washing the face. First you must know your skin type, to use appropriate products to it. Your skin type can be dry, oily or mixed. For example, if your skin is oily, cleaning should be more intensive, since acne is more constant.

For healthy skin you need daily and without laziness do this routine:

Cleaning => Toning => Hydration => Sunscreen

When using makeup before clean, pass up removers. You easily find in drugstores. The line of Avon Clearskin is great, but even better in my opinion is the Clean & Clear, my acne has improved a lot. Never sleep with makeup the other day appears pimples (you will see it is true), be sure to remove makeup before sleep, and from time to time exfoliate the face. Anyway just wash and tone the skin does not help, I will not say it will not be different, but for best results, make the whole process (remove makeup, clean, tone, moisturize and finally use a sunscreen).

But the best is before going to the dermatologist, he just analyzing your skin and can tell which specific products may use or not. In addition to people who have acne is not good idea use products on top of the skin because it can increase the amount of sebum on the skin. In short, my recommendation is to always wash skin thoroughly with water or mild soap and never let fringe of hairs on the forehead because it generates more pimples. Use light makeup and always remove makeup before bed. Never sleep with makeup residue on the skin ever.

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