What is the Best Acne Treatment for Black People?

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This is a very frequent question asked in message boards, and to our surprise not many people had an answer for it. Are there no acne treatments for those with dark skin?

There are lots of good acne products offered in the open market, and something has to work for each skin care and color, no matter what. We have done our research and read through numerous posts on many acne forums and specialized websites. And what was our conclusion?

To start, it is a myth that all acne treatments work the same for all skin types. That is wrong. There is also a myth that people with darker skin are much better because their skin is tougher. The opposite is actually true. Dark skin is at times not easy to treat, because the skin is more sensitive.

Black-skinned people have more melanin in the skin compared to people in Northern Europe. Melanin is the pigment that protects our skin from the strong rays of the sun. This is the reason why the black people look much younger compared to those having white skin. But unfortunately it is often more susceptible to the development of cystic acne.

Cystic acne is a frequent type of acne with cysts inside blackheads or whiteheads. Cystic acne is a small severe form of acne. Treating black skin acne is a difficult task for dermatologists due to excessive pigmentation and sebum fluctuation.

Acne breakouts in black people are usually due to excessive dry and intense oily skin. On the other hand dry skin is common in African Americans and other ethic groups from Africa or Asia.

The best acne treatments for black skin are more or less like, those with lighter skin with a few exceptions. There are several acne treatments that temporarily clear the skin color. Black skin is less hydrated and therefore tends to be too dry when treated with topical medications such as benzyol peroxide. Therefore, before implementing this type of medication is better that you consult a qualified dermatologist.

Several dermatologists are of the opinion that laser treatment for acne is not appropriate for people with darker skin, because in this case there is an elevated risk that the color of the skin can be altered quite radically. Though, things can get better under the control of a qualified skin expert.

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