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Acne is a disease that affects millions of people all over the world, from teenagers to adults. It is a common skin disease, besides being aesthetically unpleasant. If you are one of those people who have the bad luck of having to deal with acne, you might have noticed that finding the right acne treatment is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. To make things a little easier, find below acne treatment reviews of three solutions available in the market.

Proactive Acne Solution

Proactive Acne treatment is a very popular three-step treatment system that consists of toning acne, acne cleaning and repair.


This system encompasses treatment of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and acne cures immediate. It works well for most people and leaves skin soft and smooth, if the instructions are followed correctly. The Refining Mask is very useful to dry pimples. A hydrating tea tree is also available as part of the kit and should definitely be used along with the system that is known to leave skin soft.


The treatment causes excessive drying of the skin and otherwise skin desquamation has also been reported, although the exact cause of crust could not be determined. Proactive is expensive and often do not produce positive results, sometimes even after more than 8 weeks of frequent use.

Final Verdict:

Nevertheless, Proactive can work for some people, although most users have reported negative results, without significant results. Nonetheless, it remains a popular product. You can try it and see the results for yourself, given the huge popularity of the product.

Clear Skin Max

A relatively new member of the family of anti-acne treatment, Clear Skin Max is still trying to prove its value in the skin care industry. So far, there have been some very positive reviews due to its new, all natural approach to combat acne.


Clear Skin Max use anti-acne tea tree oil to control acne, which was reported to show immediate results in reducing inflammation. Chamomile Oil and bladder wrack are also used to treat acne without causing any damage to the skin. Not only this product is to treat acne but also leaves the skin smoother.


Many of the ingredients are used in amounts rather small, which sometimes may not be sufficient to treat acne for more severe cases. On the other hand it is generally known that severe cases of acne should never be treated with natural ingredients, since they require stronger products best suited for situations of severe acne.

Final Verdict:

Clear Skin Max is a complete product that not only helps fight acne, but also helps protect and strengthen the skin. It’s a great solution for cases of mild to moderate acne and adult acne that has been reported as having minimal side effects. It uses natural ingredients that have no side effects reported and the product enjoys excellent reviews by most users.

Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment

This acne treatment system consists of 6 different products, a facial cleanser that cleans and exfoliates the skin, clearing tonic that you want to delve deep into the pores of the skin become clogged and open them so that the dirt can leave out. Then there are Serum for acne treatment, which is the main repair product consisting of benzoyl peroxide, a known anti acne element.


It uses azelaic acid, a known antibacterial component as the main ingredient, which eliminates the killing acne bacteria that are the major cause of acne. Furthermore, it contains a concentration of 3.5% benzoyl acid which is a popular ingredient in various anti acne treatments.


Azelaic acid has many known side effects such as skin irritation, and unwanted hair growth. Many users have reported an increase in the number of facial hair after repeated use of products that contain high concentrations of azelaic acid. Furthermore, the product has tea tree oil as one of the principal ingredients, which can only be considered as an alternative product since treatment only without auxiliary play a substantial role in the present process.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, it can be said that this is a good product to be used for persons with moderate acne but does not work well for the treatment of severe acne. Also many other products are available on the market that uses natural ingredients. Organic products are always the best option. This is another product that can be used to treat mild acne.

However, keep in mind that Face Your Acne requires not only drugs, but also a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration and hygiene are extremely important for a clear and healthy skin.

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