Treating Childhood Acne

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Fortunately for most children and teenagers, the typical childhood acne condition is not particularly severe. Of course, if you have a son or daughter that does have a severe acne condition, it is important that you seek professional assistance as soon as possible. On the other hand, if your child’s condition is mild to moderate, there is a proven course that you can take for treating childhood acne.


Regular cleansing of the skin is very important when it comes to treating childhood acne. Using a mild cleanser (a medicated cleanser may be a good choice), your son or daughter should wash the effected areas in the morning and before bed time. If your child engages in rigorous activity during the course of a day, he or she should also clean the skin after such activity.


In addition to an appropriate cleanser, when it comes to treating childhood acne, you must make sure that your child uses a product that exfoliates. Removing dead skin cells, oils and other debris is an important step in treating childhood acne. You will not want your child to use a harsh product for this process.

Treatment applications

Finally, you will want to make certain that your child uses an appropriate medication or other type of treatment application when treating childhood acne. The medication should be mild and, of course, used as directed. Over applying a treatment product will not speed up the process of treating childhood acne.

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