The Right and Wrong Way to Wash Your Face

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Washing your face isn’t as simple as just picking up a washcloth and scrubbing. There are many things you should actually avoid while washing your face so that your skin can remain healthy and beautiful. The one mistake people make when washing their face is that they simply wash it too often. You should never wash it more than two times a day, or three times if you have been perspiring. If you wash it more often than that you could dry out your skin which increases the risk of acne and irritations. Also, if your skin is too dry then your glands in your skin will actually produce more oil to overcompensate for the dryness.

Another thing you never want to do when washing your face is use soaps that are too harsh for your face. Bar soaps are usually made for the body, and can clog pores in your face because they strip the natural lipids in your skin. You should choose washes that are specifically made for your face. They are milder and are usually hypo-allergenic and soap free. Facial washes should also be diluted with enough water so that they are gentler on your skin. Never use cleansers that contain alcohol in them. Although they may say that they can stop acne, they will only upset your natural ph level in your face which can actually cause more acne and irritation.

It is best to know your skin type before picking out any type of cleanser. You can’t just pick up any cleanser off of the shelf. If you have oily or dry skin then you should buy a face wash that works with that skin type to get the best results. For example, if you have dry skin try to look for acne products that contain cocoa butter or glycerin to give it a softer feel, but if you have oily skin you should buy the best acne products that contain benzoyl peroxide, or citric acid. If you have sensitive skin you should use something with aloe vera, or chamomile. Finally, the right way to wash your face is thoroughly without under rinsing. If you leave too much cleanser behind you can clog your pores and leave you with a dirty or oily feeling.

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