The Proper Way to Pop a Pimple

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As you have probably already been taught, you should never pop a pimple. However, how many of us actually listen to that? A pimple is simply meant to be popped, because it not only looks unsightly but it is a habit that we still follow long after we have left high school. The reason we are told never to pop it is because it can become more infected, leading to even worse acne or inflamed pustules. The best way to pop a pimple is to do so through a professional acne facial, or to simulate one at home.

The first thing that happens at professional acne facial is the cleansing of the face. This is usually done with acne products that are specifically meant for acne or oily skin. From there, a scrub mask should be put on before the face is steamed with a facial steamer. This can be done for a period of 15 minutes. After the steaming is completed the skin would be massaged to remove the debris and a wet sponge would rinse the scrub off completely. If you are not able to go to a spa to do this, you can do all of this at home with a few revisions. Start by washing and applying the scrub mask on your face. Then just bend over a bowl of boiled water keeping your face about 10 inches above the surface of the water. Allow 15 minutes for steam to open your pores and then rinse off the scrub mask with warm water.

For the extraction of the pimple you really should invest in a quality pimple extractor which is an instrument with a ring at one end for the black heads and a needle at the other to prick the pimples before popping. You simply press the ring to the side of the skin to extract the blackheads that have now been loosened up. If you have a ripe or ready to be popped pimple, you then pierce it to remove the pus. You should never do this on pimples that do not have a white head on it, otherwise you can cause scarring. Also, make sure that you sterilize the needle of the extractor over a fire to make sure you do not infect the area. Then apply an antiseptic to prevent any infection. Lastly, you should apply a mud mask over the skin to really deep clean it.

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