New Laser to Eliminate Acne Blemishes

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A new device for laser phototherapy, launched in the latest edition of Beauty Fair, promises to end the acne, spots on the skin and improve the marks of expression. The treatment is not invasive, fast and can be used by both men and women, from 16 years.

According to Saulo Astrazione, from the company that developed the device for aesthetic treatments with the laser technology of phototherapy, the Quasar Esthétique, the treatment can be done by beauticians and was created exclusively for use on the face.

The laser operates in cells of the skin and promotes a clearance which lasts up to eight months. The recommended is entering into 10 sessions of treatment. The first three applications of the laser should be made only at intervals of 24 hours. From 4th to the 10th session, the patient must make the sessions every 48 hours.

After the laser treatment, you must make maintenance every 40 days. Exposure to sunshine is prohibited for two hours after the session of phototherapy laser.

How it works?

The blue light of the device causes the free radicals to join the molecules of hydrogen and created an effect of oxidation, namely, establishing the aesthetic perception of skin bleaching. The same laser also drop the water molecules and in turn, leaves the skin firm and tensioned.

The red light works in the inhibition of inflammatory elements, ease the pain and swelling of treatment. It also accelerates the process of repairing the skin treated.

The equipment is coming from the clinical aesthetic treatments. The estimated price of 10 sessions varies between $ 500 and $ 650.

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