Acne breakouts during pregnancy?

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Experiencing acne breakouts during pregnancy is not only perfectly normal, but also very common. As your hormone levels rise, your pores production of oil increases, leading to oily skin. In some pregnancies, this new oil slick causes that wonderful “pregnancy glow” that a lot of women get. However, generally the worst time for those pimples is in the first trimester. When you have the baby, your skin should return to normal.

ClearPores and ZenMed are great acne products but since the main ingredient is salicylic acid, you should take care. While the topical form of salicylic acid has not been tested on pregnant women, many health care professionals recommend to be careful when taking this type of medication.

If you are pregnant, I would advice, to seek the advice of your doctor before beginning any treatment, including herbal and home treatments. A dermatologist who has expertise in treating pregnant women will be able to give the best alternatives.

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