How to Stop Pimples through Diet

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First let me say that ACNE is often confused with edemas which are in fact pimples. Acne is caused by inflammation that eventually clog pores by which the skin to cebo production. Actually the cause of ACNE is seborrhea which ends in clogged pores and dirt when someone infects just inflaming those producing red spots or rashes.

Acne Treatments should be based on all the cleaning and also to combat seborrhea which is the main causative agent of pimples.
In the case of seborrhea is good to use sulfur soap but the interesting thing to do is use soap or coconut Hemammels. A homeopath can produce it according to the needs of the patient.

Now for the most common issue, the pimples, which are actually edemas. Edema appears as if they were a sign that the body is saying that your body is infected or better than this intoxicated. The intoxication of the intestine that occurs due to a poor diet and poisoning of the kidneys and especially the liver that leads to the appearance of pimples.

To stop the pimples is a good idea do a three days diet to promote detoxification of the liver and kidneys mainly from the intestine. But after the diet it is necessary to have a good diet free of toxic agents such as gluten.

But of course what really causes the intoxication of the intestine is: You may notice that when you were younger you felt like going to the bathroom but it was either in a public place and could not go or did not want or have suffered with constipation.

In people with pimples: Such individuals have an increased capacity to absorb food and vitamins even after the digestion were complete. And when these foods reach the seal left iliac, when it took us to drive them our body ends up absorbing again causing intoxication. The diet to end the pimples, aims to detoxify the bowel, kidneys and liver.

In the days before the diet, you can have lunch normally, but after lunch try to eat papaya and drink water and only water until the other day.

The diet

On the first day of the diet will start with 500 ml of water and ? papaya.

After 1h eat about 5 apples.

After the lunch break to eat more 5 apples.

In the afternoon, eat more 5 apples and always with plenty of water.
Now for dinner only drink water until the other day.

The next day do the same ritual to take 500ml of water and eat ? papaya.

After 1h eat 6 apples and take more 500ml of water.

At lunch eat more or less 8 apples and drink water until the other day.

The other day when you wake up take a cup of yogurt or if you prefer to take an avocado leaf tea that acts as a diuretic and is also good for small headache that had arisen due to the diet. Collect four leaves of avocado rolled and beat them in a bag not in the blender, then boil for 1 minute and take before they cool completely then store to take a cup before bed. Refrigerate…

At lunch eat more 8 apples and always taking too much water.

Note that you will go more often in the bathroom on the third day and now almost all pimples have gone. And before bed eat ? papaya, always taking a lot of water.

In four days you can now take milk or whatever you usually eat for breakfast usually. And you can have lunch quietly but always try to eat portions of salads for lunch and dinner.

If you do not go to the bathroom when you feel the same will happen the seal will end up absorbing the iliac stool as he had said and pimples will reappear.

Now how much power you can eat quietly sweets, chocolates and other foods like butter and bread, but remember to go to the bathroom whenever you feel like it.

Notice that you now go to the bathroom more than three times a day seems too much, but it is perfectly normal. Indeed during the diet you can experiment small headaches but they are very normal because it is a reflection of the body that was used for a wide supply.

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