How to Keep Your Skin Free From Acne

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For women who have acne it can be a very difficult experience, especially if you are over a certain age. While you tend to expect it in your teenage years, it is hard to deal with when you are ages 25 to 58. In this age group, more than 50% of women have some form of acne, and for one in four women, over the counter acne treatments simply do not work. There are many causes of acne at this age. It can be from smoking, stress, and overexposure to the sun. There are ways though that you can deal with your acne, and have a clearer complexion.

To keep your skin looking great and free from acne you must follow five basic steps:

• Cleanse
• Exfoliate
• Repair
• Moisturize
• Protect

Using a deep cleaning facial scrub product you can clean and exfoliate your skin every day which removes the dead skin cells that cause rashes and acne. You can do this with a loofah or exfoliator brush. If you have acne already, you can then follow that up with a treatment cream for acne, oily or dry skin. Then you simply apply a moisturizer with a sun block of at least an SPF of 15. The moisturizer locks in the softness of your new skin after exfoliation.

Another way to keep your skin acne free is to use the same line of cosmetics. Different acne product lines contain different ingredients which can lead to irritation and oily skin. You should wash your face every night before going to bed to remove the excess make-up, and if you work out you should shower immediately after your workout to remove the extra perspiration that can create a build up of oil which can cause more acne.

Finally, to keep your face acne free, you should be consistent in your routine. You should never miss even one day of cleansing and exfoliating because it can cause your face to break out quickly. Make sure to spend the time to pamper your face on a regular basis to keep it clean and flawless.

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