How Smoking and Alcohol Can Affect Your Skin

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The reason that you may want to consider quitting your smoking habit isn’t? just limited to avoiding lung cancer anymore. One of the major threats to your skin next to sun and chemicals is actually smoking. It not only accelerates the aging process, but it also causes the narrowing of blood vessels throughout your body which stops the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. After only 10 years of smoking you may start to show signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and dry skin. This means that if you start smoking as a teenager, you can show aging signs in your 20′s.

If your skin is slowly being starved of the oxygen that it so desperately needs, it can have a real affect on your skin. Along with smoking, alcohol also destroys Vitamin A that your skin needs. Vitamin A is an immune boosting substance that can keep your skin looking young and healthy. Also, it is your first line of defense against bacteria and infections that can lead to acne and blemishes. Lastly, Vitamin A helps to generate new cells that replace the dead ones that your skin naturally loses which keeps your skin looking firm and youthful.

Over a long period of smoking and drinking, the elastic fibers and collagen in your body gets damaged which means your skin takes on a droopy appearance. It will no longer be firm and flexible as it would be if you were not doing such damage to it. You may get premature wrinkles around the lips, and in the forehead and eyes.

Smoking and drinking are not only harmful to the inner body, but the outer body as well, and if you are a smoker or are more than the occasional drinker, it is important to know what effects you are having on your skin. Skin protection is more than just putting on sun block every time you leave the house. It is also about protecting it from the inside out. By eliminating bad habits from your life, you are sure to have skin that glows and looks youthful for many years to come.

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