How Acne Affects Women

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There is no question that women are much more affected by acne then men. Not just emotionally, but physically. The fact is women are much more prone to hormonal problems that affect acne in such a unique way. In teenagers, both boys and girls have acne because both sexes have hormones that are working in overdrive to allow you to grow and reach puberty. However, in men the hormones settle down after reaching a certain age, while for women the hormones keep raging well past menopause.

Most women develop full blown acne in their 20’s or even later on in life. The reproductive cycle has a lot to do with this as does pregnancy. It often causes occasional acne outbreaks in women, although there are some women that have acne all the time. The most likely cause of this is the high levels of androgens that are present before the menstrual cycle. These androgens regulate the oil production in the sebaceous glands. If you have a lot of androgens, the higher risk you are at of clogging your pores which leads to acne breakouts.

Although women’s acne may be smaller and less confined then men, they have a much harder time of getting rid of it. This is especially true during pregnancy because they are not allowed any oral medications that can cure it quicker. In fact, even some topical creams are off limits because they can seep into the blood which can affect the unborn child.

One of the best ways for women to treat acne is through certain products like the ClearPores system. This system uses a deep wash, pills, and creams that not only clean out your pores, but it kills bacteria and protects your skin. For pregnant women or women looking for a natural alternative this really is one of the best acne products on the market right now.

No matter what you use to treat your acne, there is no question that you may have to deal with this much of your life. However, if you find the right acne treatment for your skin, you are better equipped to keep acne at bay for the long term.

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