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Consider this scenario. It is already summer, a time for the beach parties and swimming. You always wanted to join the beach parties and gimmicks. You want to protect your skin, however, from the harmful skin irritants from the environments, including the ultra violet radiation, the salty water, and the hot weather. What are the summer’s harmful irritants? And how do you protect your skin from these irritants?

People used to think that the sun is healthy for the skin, especially for those who have acne because it burns off the acne. True. However, over exposure from the harmful Ultra violet radiation can worsen your acne, if you have. Ultra violet radiation is also harmful to the skin. Your acne may burn off for a while, but the sun could not penetrate the root cause of your acne, so most probably the acne will persist. Over exposure to the sun will result in sun burn.During the summer, we sweat a lot. So, we also wipe our face frequently. Wiping the face frequently is a no, no for those with acne. You may wash your face with a luke warm water but do not wipe the face too frequently. It will irritate your skin.

Another irritant is the over exposure to sun and wind. This will dry your skin, which is unhealthy. Dryness cracks the skin. Wind carries with it dust and bacteria which may clog your pores and result in acne.

Sunscreens should be selected wisely. Avoid those which have high percentage of oil because they are not good for your skin pores. They may worsen the acne condition or they may result in pimple outbreak.

Sea water, too, is a skin irritant. Sea water is unclean.

What can you do to protect your skin while on a beach party on a summer?

First, you have to wash your skin with Salicylic Acid and SD Alcohol. This will keep your skin and pores dry and clean.

Second, apply herbal antiseptic medications to prevent bacteria from entering your skin.

Third, you have to use protection cream which will shield your skin from grime, bacteria and avoid accumulation of sebum.

Now, you are ready. Enjoy the summer beach party!

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