Eliminating Dark Spots on Your Skin

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Everyone wants a smooth, clear complexion, but over time certain factors can lead to dark spots on your skin. Even if you clean your face regularly you may still develop what is known as hyper-pigmentation, or dark spots. Dark spots are pockets of discolored skin that remain after pimples or legions have disappeared. Dark spots happen for a variety of reasons such as hepatic problems, diseases, taking too much iron, or hormonal changes. Even the lack of certain vitamins and minerals such as calcium and Vitamins A, B, and E can cause dark spots. Most likely though, your dark spots are caused by an increase of melanin that occurs after your skin becomes inflamed or irritated. This also happens when you are out in the sun too much, especially if you have a darker skin tone.

The first thing you need to do if you have dark spots on your skin is to check with a dermatologist to make sure that the spot is harmless. If you find that it is harmless you can try some home remedies that may effectively get rid of them, or at least diminish them. There are certain over the counter creams and sun block that are specially formulated to diminish dark spots. Either way, you should start using sun block immediately with at least a SPF of 15 or higher.

There are skin lighteners that contain mild hydroquinone which is essentially skin bleach. There are many types of skins that cannot tolerate this ingredient, but if you can, this is a great way to lighten the dark spots. Although it may take up to a year to fade the most darkened of areas, for most people it can be very effective. If over the counter remedies don’t work then it may be time to consider skin peelings that can be done at a dermatologists office that will take away the top layer of your skin around the dark spot so that over the course of a few acne treatments it will no longer be visible. To avoid getting any future dark spots, it is important that you stop picking or popping your pimples that you currently have. It can result in scarring which can lead to dark spots.

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