Does Drinking Soda and Eating Chocolate Cause Acne?

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Does Soda and Chocolate cause acne? Not necessarily, but it can! So, how exactly soda can cause acne? It has to do with the large quantities of sugar in most non-diet sodas. Sugar, regardless of what some are trying to say, in fact, contributes to acne breakouts.

Previously, there was a myth that chocolate causes acne – but they have learned that it is not true, unless you have an allergy to chocolate. If it’s the dark, rich kind is ok in small quantities. The milk chocolate is less healthy.

The soda on the other hand might play a huge part in it. Of course, not everyone react the same, so why don’t you try stay away of the soda and chocolate for a while and see if you notice an alteration in your skin.

With that said, stop drinking that carbonated beverages, and instead, begins to drink just water. The water will help your skin stay clean. 8 glasses of water a day it is all you need. If you do not like the taste of water, liven it up with a little lemon or lime. It may not be your perfect beverage of choice, but it is best than dealing with unpleasant acne breakouts.

In conclusion, to face your acne proceed as follows: drink plenty of water, eat foods rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin B and wash your face correctly all days.

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