Do Acne Home Remedies Really Work?

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When you talk about home remedies for acne you also have to include over the counter remedies, which is sometimes confusing for certain people. Acne home remedies are anything that you try that doesn’t include an acne treatment given to you by a dermatologist. So that includes acne creams, acne washes, exfoliation, retinoids, eating certain types of foods and hormonal treatments. The amounts of acne remedies that are available are long and detailed, which makes you wonder if all the acne treatments that are available really do work.

The answer is simple, and yet complex at the same time. Yes, many of these acne home remedies will work, but some may not work for you. Acne is something that researches have been looking at for many years. Although “cures” have been found, not every cure works on every skin type or person. It could be because their acne is caused not only by their skin type but by their hormones, diet, and stress factors.

If you have tried many of the above listed acne treatments and they still have not worked, you may want to try treating the acne from the inside out. That means changing your diet and adding certain vitamins and minerals to your everyday regimen. By lacking certain vitamins you could be doing more harm to your acne as well as your body. Also, you may want to start eliminating certain foods from your diet such as high fat foods, sugar, and processed foods. In place of that you need to start eating more fruits, vegetables, and drinking more water.

Although this is no guarantee that your acne is going to magically disappear, it may speed along the process of clearing up your face along with some acne home remedies. The fact is acne outbreaks can be worsened by hormones and other substances found in much of the bad foods that we are putting into our bodies. Your skin needs vitamins and minerals to allow it to be able to kill the bacteria that live on your face and in your skin. By doing this you can prevent the build up of bacteria that brings on the acne outbreaks, therefore avoiding the use of most of the home remedies you will find on the market.

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