Causes of Adult Acne

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If you are an adult who finds his or her self battling acne, you may be wondering what are the causes of adult acne. The reality is that upwards to twenty five percent of adult man and fifty percent of adult women will be afflicted with adult acne at some point in their lives. Indeed, a person can find his or her self dealing with adult acne in their twenties, thirties, forties and even in their fifties.

When it comes to the causes of adult acne, the reality is that there is no easy and simple explanation. Causes of adult acne can include such factors as a fluctuation in hormone levels, diets, genetics, vitamin deficiency issues, stress and other related and unrelated factors as well. The bottom line is that for most individual, there are multiple causes of adult acne.

Technically speaking, when considering the causes of adult acne the pore essentially collapses on itself. This process blocks sebum or oil from escaping from the pore naturally. And, the net result is an acne pimple. However, with that said, there is no clear understanding as to why this happens in one pore or sebaceous gland and not another.

While the jury remains somewhat out on the causes of adult acne, a great deal of research continues to be underway in regard to finding effective treatments for adult acne. There are a growing number of effective treatment options available on the market today in regard to treating adult acne.

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