Bad Acne and Societal Prejudice

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Although acne is a common problem for adults and young people alike, there remain many actual societal prejudices against people who are afflicted with a bad acne condition. Even in this high-tech age when information readily is available, many people harbor inappropriate feelings about individuals who are suffering from a bad acne condition or outbreak.

One of the most common prejudices that exist against a person battling a bad acne situation is that a person with bad acne somehow is not clean. A considerable number of people conclude that a person who suffers from bad acne has poor hygiene.

The actual truth is that a person can have pristine hygiene and still end up with a bad acne condition. Indeed, research has demonstrated that generally speaking individuals with bad acne take extra care in regard to hygiene and bathing issues because they are battling an acne problem.

Another common prejudice that people harbor against others with bad acne is that a person suffering from a severe acne condition has bad eating habits. While there is some evidence that diet can play a role in acne in some limited situations, the fact is that people do not develop bad acne because they have been sitting around their homes eating chocolate bon-bons all day long.

Through better education, the prejudices against those people afflicted with bad acne can be lessened. By educating not only the acne sufferer but also people around that person about the realities of acne, we will all be better served.

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