Bad Acne and a Person’s Ego

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Bad acne can have a truly devastating impact on a person’s ego and sense of self. In addition to having to deal with the physical aspect of bad acne – which is trying in and of itself – a bad acne condition can render a person feeling down and even downright depressed.

Research has demonstrated time and again that bad acne really does impair an individual’s self confidence. Even if a person has had a positive attitude before the outbreak of a bad acne condition, the breakout itself can leave a person feeling defeated.

Beyond lowering a person’s sense of self worth, a bad acne condition also results in many people isolating themselves and avoiding social settings. The fact is that a very significant number of people who have found themselves afflicted with bad acne forgo all together dating and other situations in which close contact with other people will be required.

As mentioned a moment ago, there are even numerous instances in which a person with a bad acne condition will become clinically depressed. When depression occurs as a result of acne, the acne situation itself tends to worsen. As the bad acne gets progressively more severe, the depression will escalate.

Because of the negative emotional and even psychological impact bad acne can have on a person’s life, it is highly recommended that an individual obtain professional assistance from a qualified dermatologist when a severe acne outbreak occurs. By taking control of the situation immediately, the potential impact on a person’s psyche is lessened tremendously.

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