At What Age Can You Have Acne

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Acne is a fairly common condition that causes pimples and other skin complications. Unfortunately more than 80% of adolescents (boys and girls) will have some type acne during their puberty. Acne can begin as early as 8 years of age, but usually improves when a girl reaches his twenties.

Cases of acne in adulthood, are not as rare as well, and are known several cases of people who have suffered from acne, even in their 40s. To put this in perspective, more than half of all adult women and about a quarter of adult men experience from adult acne. Of course Acne is hard to handle at any age and can affect an adult in the same way as a teenager.

Roughly everybody has suffered whilst a teenager and wrongly think it’s all over when you become an adult. However without knowing you get up one day to find a huge pimple on your face. To make matters worst, often it’s not just one either and they keep on growing no matter what you do.

Most of the acne appears on the face, but can also appear in the chest, back or neck. There are plenty of causes for the production of acne, but we will not specify them here, but give some tips to eradicate them.

What Should You Do To Help Yourself?

The methods of controlling acne vary with people. However, some tips work wonders for most people, despite the differences in the type of skin and acne.

Cleaning your skin every day with mild soap or face wash thrice a day is useful to keep oil secretion under control.

The main reason why people keep on getting acne that increase across the face is that they keep on touching their face constantly or break open their acne with fingers. Stop doing that!

When you try a product for acne treatment, be sure of the ingredients. See whether the product contains oil in any form. Most oils make worse the existing acne and form new ones by clogging the pores.

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