Alternative Acne Treatments

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For the many people that suffer from acne there seems to be no end to the various treatments that can help them. However, for many people who have tried the antibiotics, creams, hormonal treatments, and even phototherapy, they often find that nothing seems to clear up the acne that they have or the scars that are left behind. The one thing that is wonderful about this industry is that researchers are constantly trying to find a new way to treat acne. There are even alternative natural methods such as diets that avoid dairy, chromium and zinc supplements, and homemade cures that contain spices. Although they are all very interesting and offer a lot of different methods, not a lot of these treatments have ever been scientifically proven to work.

However, there is one acne treatment that has shown great success over the past few years. Laser surgery is fairly new, and does more than just help the acne that you currently have. In fact, many people are choosing laser surgery because it is a great way to remove the acne scars that have been on your face, even if they have been there for years. Through a simple process, doctors use the laser beams to burn out the scar tissue on your face, which allows the skin to generate new and healthy tissue.

They are even looking for new ways that laser surgery can be used in the future to stop acne from forming on skin that is prone to acne by burning away the follide sac where the hair grows, or burning the sebaceous glands that are prone to acne breakouts. Although this hasn’t happened yet, the research is promising. Another acne treatment that may be in our future is the use of the laser to induce the formation of oxygen in the bacteria that causes acne. It is supposed to kill these bacteria with the extreme heat. Although it hasn’t happened yet, the future does look promising not only for acne treatment but acne prevention as well.

If you have acne and find yourself unable to clear it up with traditional acne treatments, you should talk to your dermatologist about laser surgery to see what it can do for your acne.

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