Acne Treatment – What People are Doing

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If you are suffering from an outbreak of acne, you may be wondering what other people are doing in regard to their own acne treatment regimens. There actually are a number of different approaches that people do take when it comes to acne treatment today.

Interestingly, a remarkable forty percent of all people suffering from acne undertake no acne treatment whatsoever. This includes some people who really do not have a particularly serious acne condition. However, this also includes a segment of the population who wrongly conclude that there is no such thing as an effective acne treatment. These people believe that one has to let acne run its course.

Thirty percent of people who are suffering from acne will use an over the counter acne treatment product. Many of these over the counter products have proven very effective in assisting people in combating acne.

Twenty percent of acne sufferers will go a skin center, salon or spa in order to deal with acne. Just over ten percent will get acne treatment from a dermatologist or from a physician of some other type.

Of course, when all is said and done, the course of acne treatment selected generally depends on the severity of the condition. In any case, by initiating acne treatment promptly, a person has a better chance for a more effective and speedy resolution.

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