Acne is killing your Social Life?

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Probably you have horrible acne and it is killing your social life or affects your Self Confidence. Almost all your friends constantly tease you about your acne, call you ugly names and criticize you all the time?

First, let’s clear up one thing. Your friends shouldn’t make fun of you, merely because you have acne. What kind of friends are they? These “friends” are not genuine friends but in terms of dealing with them, its better you don’t get upset and try to laugh with them. At times it helps to make fun of you… if that doesn’t work, find friends that really like you for who you are.

Now, here are some essential things to get your skin clear:

1) Make sure your face products or makeup is oil free. Mineral makeup is excellent for that.

2) Make sure you clean your face very good at night. Remember, makeup can clog your pores.

3) Stop eating fatty foods.

4) Drink lots of water, and only water.

5) Don’t pick your acne and don’t try to squeeze pimples too soon.

6) Get rid of dead skin cells on a regular basis by exfoliating. You can apply an over-the-counter chemical exfoliant with salicylic Acid.

7) Use a good toner. Apply onto face or wipe on with a cotton ball and wash with a clean, dry cotton ball.

8) Finally, there are products like the ClearPores System, it seems to be working for many people and you can get it online here.

The most important thing is you should maintain a routine. Nearly everyone acne treatment take some time to work. It habitually takes between 2 and 8 weeks before you see any major progress, so you need to be patient. Once you have gotten your acne cleared up, it is essential to maintain the treatment that is working so it does not come back.

If your acne is really bad, it is really important that you speak to your GP or go to a Dermatologist for the sake of your mental health. They will give you a personal evaluation suited for your needs and if necessary can prescribe antibiotics that can eliminate your acne.

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