Acne – Different Types of Acne Pimples

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Acne can be a puzzling disease for many people. The fact is that when it comes to acne, there actually are different types of acne pimples. By having at least a rudimentary understanding of the different types of acne pimples, you will be better able to chose a course of appropriate treatment should you even face an acne pimple outbreak.


Whiteheads are pimples that stay under the surface of a person’s skin. These are very common types of acne pimples.


Blackheads are acne pimples that rise to the surface of a person’s skin. These acne pimples do look black but the black color is not from dirt.


Papules are acne pimples that look like small, pink bumps on a person’s skin. The can be very tender to the touch.


Pustules are acne pimples that are red at the bottom and that are crowned with pus at the top.


Nodules are acne pimples that are large, solid pimples that are located deep in the skin. These types of acne pimples normally are very painful.


These are considered the most serious of acne pimples for a number of reasons. These are deep and pus-filled pimples that are located deep in a person’s skin. They are very painful and can result in scarring.

When it comes to acne pimples, a person can suffer from these different types of pimples at different times. Moreover, in some instances a person may be afflicted with different types of acne pimples at the same time.

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