Acne and Diet – Planning a Healthy Menu

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Although there remains at least some debate on the subject, most experts do agree that some dietary decisions can impact a person’s propensity to incur an acne outbreak. In other words, there is at least some connection between acne and diet.

The reality is that when it comes to acne and diet, if a person follows the balanced diet regimen that already is recommended for healthy living, that individual will be following the ideal acne and diet plan to avoid an outbreak in the first instance.

Generally speaking, there are four factors to keep in mind when it comes to a consideration of acne and diet. First, a diet designed to lessen the odds of getting acne is a diet that is rich in both fresh vegetables and fresh fruit.

Second, when it comes to the acne and diet issue, a person should avoid fatty food products as much as possible. (Again, these are the same recommendations for health living generally.)

Third, when considering acne and diet, a person will want to avoid refined sugars. Finally, in developing a diet plan that will reduce the chances of encountering a severe acne outbreak, a person will want to consume an appropriate number of calories each and every day.

As an aside, it is also necessary to keep your skin well hydrated as part of an acne and diet plan. Therefore, a person should drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day.

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