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Dealing with Acne to Avoid Permanent ScarringAcne Permanent Scarring


Scars can be fatal to the self-image of a person. Some reported to have low confidence, low self-esteem, as well as anti-social tendencies, and well, low employment rate. This is because scars lower our aesthetics or our beauty.

It is important to have skin free from scars, which may be difficult in cases of Acne problems. Nevertheless, there are precautionary measures in order to avoid having permanent scars caused by acne.

First and foremost, when you have acne, DO NOT pick nor squeeze it. This may be difficult to do because we are earnest to remove the pimple on our faces as soon as we can, even through picking it or squeezing. The danger of picking our pimples or more technically called acne is infection. Bacteria are present anywhere, even in air. They may enter and infect your open wound. That will cause more complications which may result in permanent scarring.

But in some cases where it is deemed necessary to pick your pimple, like when puss develops, you should leave this task to someone specializing on this like your doctor, a dermatologist or a skin specialist. This should be done on a sterile condition. Nevertheless, in any case, do not prick nor squeeze your acne to avoid permanent scarring.

Second, you have to refrain from placing your hands on your face. This is to avoid transferring the bacteria from the hand to the face. The bacteria might enter your skin pores on your face and cause an infection of your acne. It is important to note that the pores in your skin, when clogged, can cause pimples. Pimples can cause scars, and scars can cause a lot of serious complications to the self-image of the person - you.


So, as much as you can, do not place your hands on your face.



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